Violin & Viola Lessons


  • Solo, orchestral and chamber music studies
  • Teaching methods
  • Focus on playing without tension
  • Group teaching of scales, arpeggios, and practice techniques
  • Group and individual assessment of student performance
  • Leading discussion and assessment of student performances
  • Music theory and composition
  • Music History
  • World Music
  • Music technology (Finale Computer Software training)
  • Development of a portfolio (interactive notebook), which demonstrate

  • the studentís best work in the areas of string instruments, music
    theory, music history, world music, music technology, and integrated

    Proponent of the teachings of Ivan Galamian, Joseph Gingold and Paul Rolland
    -Experience in teaching the detailed mechanics of the bow
    -Complete understanding of Kreutzer Etudes as taught by Galamian
    -Integration and application of Contemporary Violin Technique by Ivan
    Galamian of violin repertoire for structure and efficient learning

    Marco Escobar

    C'ville String Academy